letter to my Jewish friend

Dear R
Good to hear from you, I trust everyone is safe in the last 3 weeks of fighting.
Human spirit is most amazing, you guys live under such tension and pressure for 50 plus years and still have such good sense and humor, yet we Canadian get nervous breakdowns and keep rushing to see psychiatrist  for every little things.

what puzzle me is how can two people, no matter how intelligent or stupid they are( of course everyone knows the Jews are the smartest people in the world), not get tired of killing each other after 50,60 years?
Does the Old Testament’s teaching of “an eye for an eye, a cheek for a cheek”so deeply rooted in their psychic that they can see no way out?
Of course, I feel the pain of Israel under the Hamas rocket attack, but the 3 weeks of bombardment of Gaza is also hard to bear.
This endless conflict actually brings shame to the whole human race.
with bleeding heart,


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