letter to the pope

Dear Pope Benedict xvi

Congratulation on your recent election as the new pope, and thank you for opening up this email service so people like me can have the opportunity to communicate with you.

I have a simple question that has been bothering me for close to 40 years and I hope you can help ease my burden.

In Exodus, chapter12, verse 29-30, during the Passover, God killed all the first born of every Egyptian family because Pharaoh refused to obey God’s order to let the Jews free.

My question is how can God, the embodiment of love and peace committed such atrocity,

because it is universally agreed that people living under tyrannical dictatorships are not responsible, and should not be punished for crimes committed by their rulers, indeed, they themselves are the victims.

Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were satanic murderers, the Russians,Chinese and Cambodian citizens were innocent victims as they did not have say in the choosing of their leaders. So were the poor Egyptians at that time.

I have talked to dozens of priests, pastors, rabbis and Christians in the pass 40 years and the answers are  always in these categories: “just trust God” , “God’s wisdom is beyong our understanding” or “in the kingdom of God, life and death have different meanings”

I find these answers unconvincing, irrational and blind faithed.

After all, Hitler,Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot also justified their killings as the cleansing of their societies and were beneficial for mankind.

Unfortunately, some of my friends and relatives have mistaken my question as an personal attack on their faith and have caused ill feelings in our relationships.

Your authoritative answer will help ease these tensions.

I humbly and eagerly await your reply.

sincerely yours

Lap Lam

Calgary, canada


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