why my english is so poor

why is my English so poor?
As  Mao said, everything has to do with politics.
When I was in grade 9 in Hong Kong, the cultural revolution broke out in china, the leftist in HK incited the students to rise up and do struggle with the ” British colonial slavery education system” I, already not a very good and rather restless student took this opportunity as an excuse not to learn English, so that I won’t be further enslaved by the British.
this made me feel very patriotic and self-important.
And of course I have to face the consequence now.

Another reason
As a person interested in Zen Buddhism, the elimination of all unessential baggage in order to return to the root of the”unpolluted original nature”is our life’s pursuit, I find English grammar is extremely tedious and unnecessary, for example, in Chinese, we don’t need go-went-gone to express the time of action. we say– I go now- and I go”ed” yesterday.
our vocabulary is also far more simple and precise, e.g. pass day is yesterday and next day is tomorrow.
cow meat is beef , young cow meat is veal —for a beginner, one can never guess beef has something to do with cow.
This gave me an “wise” excuse not to pay attention to English grammar.

By the way, “you good” means I wish you good,  “as face” means as I am facing you, don’t you find that more precise and direct, such as “long time no see “is far better than haven’t seen you for a long time?

But honestly, all the above are just excuses for my laziness and lack of linguistic talent.
all the best
lap lam


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