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因果報應, Karma

May 6, 2010

我說過多次, 我是從民主的角度反對上帝的專制與暴力, 而支持耶穌的愛與寬恕. 所以自認是半個基督徒.

我對佛教中一些不合理的教條, 亦作批評, 並不是單挑上帝.

至於有沒有因果報應, 輪迴投胎之事, 這個我不知道, 未能肯定或否定, 但心理上希望其存在, 以便 好人有好報, 這世界才公平些.

From the democracy stance,I am anti god for it’s tyranny and brutality.
I am pro Christ for his unconditional love & forgiveness.
That’s why I call myself half a Christian.

As regarding reincarnation and Karma of reap what you sow, I am not sure either but do hope it exists so good deeds will bring good rewards and life would be more fair.


the big question

May 1, 2010



你們大概知我甚愛道德經, 視死亡如回歸大塊(自然), 心情平靜, 說不上有什麼忐忑,

倒是Men數天茶飯不思加失眠流淚, 反 要我安慰, 情緒現已較穩定.

我的”怕” 寫於廿多年前. 對神鬼, 生死之事, 早有心理準備.



我把病情告知各親戚朋友, 是希望提醒各人要作每年例行体檢. 我有五年未作檢查, 醫生說癌瘤已生長了數年, 現在如雞蛋般大小.


January 7, 2009 by standingforest

我不怕神, 不怕鬼,             I fear not god, I fear not devil,

只怕自我的無知.               I faer only my own ignorance.

但因我是如許無知,           And since I am so ignorant,

所以我常在怕中.               I am always in fear.

——————-         —————————

明白我無知, 所以我知.    Knowing that I am ignorant,

明白我怕, 所以我不怕     therefore I am not ignorant.

林 立  一九八八               Knowing that I am in fear,

therefore I have no fear.

lap lam 1988



我們恐懼死亡, 因我們對死亡所知甚少,

或者, 死亡是無須恐懼, 甚或很美好呢!


上帝會怕我的質疑, 佛祖會怕我的挑剔, 魔鬼更怕我當祂無到, 所以衪們都不歡迎我, 我只好繼續留在人間.


則把我所有可捐贈的器官都捐贈出去, 遺体火化後骨灰散於落磯山下山水間,

如要立墓碑, 則在碑上寫” 我什麼都不怕, 只怕自我的無知”

Ignorance causes fear.

We are all afraid of something we don’t know, such as death

May be death has nothing to be fear about, may be it’s very beautiful.


Since I have too many questions for God & Buddha, and hold the devil in contemn, I don’t think I’ll be welcome by any of them, so I probably have to stay on earth quite a while longer.

But, in case….

I’ll like to donate all my  useful organs .

Cremated the remains and spread the ashes in the foothill & streams  of the Rockies.

If there’ s a tomb stone, I would like “ I fear nothing but my own ignorance…Lap Lam” written on it.

written on April 30th 2010, two weeks before my kidney operation

Mr .Half & Half

May 1, 2010

I call myself half standing, because;

I am

Half a Christian—I am pro Christ’s unconditional love & forgiveness, but am against god’s tyranny & brutality.

Half a Buddhist—I greatly admire Buddha’s wisdom, but disagree with some of his vows.

Half a Confucian—I admire the original Confucian teaching, but object to the corrupted doctrines of later days.

Half a communist—I agree with the equality aspect of communism, but am against its dictatorship & brutality.

Mr .Half & Half

Lap Lam


May 1, 2010

我對色即是空, 看法如下;




H2O是水, HO的極微處卻是非物質的. 加上一切物質都離不開成住壞空, 變動不居的定律,





但同時我們又不能否定我們眼前确有物質外色一杯水的存在, 及情緒上內色的喜怒哀樂, 所以又說”色空妙有, 或空中妙有.”

只要我們日常生活能對”空”有所認識,對”有” 不過於執著, 就能泰然舒坦了.

My understanding of

Form is emptiness—a Buddhist saying.

There are external material forms and internal spiritual forms.

External material forms;

From a quantum physics point of view, the smallest part of a molecule is non-material, H2O is water, but at the most minute part, H & O are all  non-material. Besides, nothing last forever, therefore materially, ” form is emptiness” is correct.

Internal spiritual forms.

The standard of beauty & ugliness, good & bad, right & wrong all varies from times & places and are affected by our subjective views, therefore  spiritually, ”Form is emptiness” is also correct.

But, at the same time we cannot deny that there is a glass of water in front of us, and that we do have feelings, thus the saying” In emptiness, there are wondrous forms”.

Once we recognize the true “emptiness” nature of all forms, we will be free  from the material & spiritual bondages.

Lap Lam

The Heart sutra was translated to Chinese about 1200 years ago, they used a word  similar to  sex for form, so even now most Chinese read form is emptiness as sex is emptiness.

Actually the word form is also incorrect, because feelings, thoughts have no forms.