I went into Rockyview Hospital on May 25, came out on 31 and lost 5 lbs.

The operation took 6 &1/2 hours, the first two were spent on Angiogram, blockages were sent into my right kidney arteries to block off blood supply , reducing blood lost during removal of kidney.
The kidney & tumor removal took 4 &1/2 hrs. the cut was 10 inches long and I lost 500cc. of blood.
The trauma to the body is like being struck by a truck as Dr. Morley said.

The 3 & 4 days after operation were most challenging, nothing feels right in the body, self pity and depression lurked it’s head, fortunately with all the good wishes and good energies sent by you all I was able to come out of it with only minor scratches.

Speedy recovery followed on the 5 &6 days, and I was sent home on the 7 day.

Chemotherapy will have to follow soon, the battle is not yet finish, but I will burden you no more with my fight. I only let you know this time to alarm you to do annual checkups, prevention is the best cure.

Again thanks all for your good wills and energies that helped me tremendously this time.

Lap Lam

Angelic visit
On the morning before I left the hospital, Hidden Kindness came for a visit, she’s from the multi-faith service of the hospital, she’s so clean, calm and radiant, I mistook her for an angel in the morning lights.
Hidden Kindness is a Canadian who spent 11 years in Korea training to be a Buddhist nun, she’s now the abbot of Calgary’s Korean Buddhist temple, I think I will go to their meditation sessions.

Pain in the belly

Woke up in the early dawn,
Yellows birds chirping outside window,

sit up to watch,

Sharp pain in belly,
I am still alive.
Every day is a good day.

Lap lam
June 2, 2010


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