Why I am not afraid of darkness

Why I am not afraid of darkness
40 years ago, when I was a student at the art college, I had to earn enough money in the summer to last for 8 months of schooling, so I was forced to take on two jobs of minimun wage in the summer.
From 8-4 I was a laundry boy in the Banff Spring’s Hotel , and from 4.30 pm to midnight as a dishwasher in a steak house in town.
There were two roads to get from the hotel to the steak house in town.
One was by following the big road used by cars , which took about half an hour by walking.
The other was a short cut pathway through the forest by the river and it only took 15 minutes to walk.
The drawback of this pathway is that it was pitch black at night and you could not even see your own 5 fingers in front of you.
At 4 pm I would use the short cut happily to go to the restaurant, by midnight it was very scary because of the darkness and the fear of bears etc., but I was so tired by that time I could hardly stand up, and did not have energy to go the long way, so I forced myself through the forest, scared stiff all the time.
After doing that for 3 months, I got used to the darkness and since then I was not afraid of darkness anymore.
One drawback of these two jobs was my hands & feet were damaged by the industrial strength detergents, it bothers me to these days.
Lap lam

四十年前, 我在芸專求學, 夏天要賺夠下學年八個月的學費及生活費.
早上八至四,在 Banff Spring’s Hotel 酒店洗衣部洗床單等,晚上四點半至午夜在市中心一牛扒店洗碗.
由酒店至市中心牛扒店有兩條路, 一是沿行車公路步行半小時. 一是穿過樹林沿河邊的小徑只需十五分鐘. 問題是晚上此小徑潻黑不見五指, 且還可能遇上熊及其它動物.
下午四時我開心地沿小徑由酒店去市中心洗碗, 但到了午夜放工, 我已筋疲力盡, 站也站不穩. 我不願也無精力行大路, 雖害怕潻黑不見五指的小徑, 也只得一步一驚心地沿小徑回酒店的宿舍. 疲倦戰勝了黑暗的恐懼, 三個月來, 養成了習慣, 至今不怕黑, 好事一件.
壞的是由於長期與工業用洗潔精接觸, 損壞了手腳的皮膚, 至今有後遺症.


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