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Nirvana 涅槃

September 10, 2010

My understanding of attaining Nirvana ;
Spiritual Nirvana = cessation of repetition of emotions = not one moment happy one moment sad = not affected by any external or internal conditions = attain the great freedom = eternal peace.
精神的涅槃 = 斷絕時悲時喜的情緒起伏 = 不為內心與外界事物所影響 =得大自在 =常樂我靜.


which way

September 8, 2010

I have been on a month’s break from Chemo because of my low white blood cell count.—2 weeks more than the regular 2 weeks break….. my health regains quickly with the return of appetite & am feeling great.

I have been reading a lot of info regarding cancer treatment, and sure enough, the more you read the more confuse you get.
Right now there are two schools, one is with surgery, chemo & radiation .
The other schools is the opposite, claiming surgery, chemo & radiation only make things worse. They recommend diet change & vitamin treatment, similar to the Chinese way of Chi & yin yang balance.

To be honest, I am quite lost as which way to go, it’s a life & death decision.
The Chemo definitely has lots of ugly side effects, and I am suppose to have another 5 rounds of it, can I survive the treatment??
But am I brave enough to go the other way??
The vitamin B17, Metformin & DCA are all possible alternative drugs, but do I dare to stop the chemo now?

That’s like a to be or not to be question.
Haha, may be I should do a coin flip.

As I said;
I fear nothing but my own ignorance.
It’s time to face my own music.

9 am 2 sept 2010

Met my oncologist this morning , decide to continue chemo with a lesser dosage, hopefully not as hard on the body.
We’ll see.

Good health to you

3.30pm 2 sept 2010