which way

I have been on a month’s break from Chemo because of my low white blood cell count.—2 weeks more than the regular 2 weeks break….. my health regains quickly with the return of appetite & am feeling great.

I have been reading a lot of info regarding cancer treatment, and sure enough, the more you read the more confuse you get.
Right now there are two schools, one is with surgery, chemo & radiation .
The other schools is the opposite, claiming surgery, chemo & radiation only make things worse. They recommend diet change & vitamin treatment, similar to the Chinese way of Chi & yin yang balance.

To be honest, I am quite lost as which way to go, it’s a life & death decision.
The Chemo definitely has lots of ugly side effects, and I am suppose to have another 5 rounds of it, can I survive the treatment??
But am I brave enough to go the other way??
The vitamin B17, Metformin & DCA are all possible alternative drugs, but do I dare to stop the chemo now?

That’s like a to be or not to be question.
Haha, may be I should do a coin flip.

As I said;
I fear nothing but my own ignorance.
It’s time to face my own music.

9 am 2 sept 2010

Met my oncologist this morning , decide to continue chemo with a lesser dosage, hopefully not as hard on the body.
We’ll see.

Good health to you

3.30pm 2 sept 2010


One Response to “which way”

  1. Tony Partridge Says:

    Dear Lap, first of all I have no specific expertise on cancer treatments, but I can speak to the experiences of friends who have gone through this struggle. A good friend is currently in remission and doing well … he and his wife decided to use all paths, surgery, chemo and including vitamin/diet supplements and consultations with a naturopathic doctor. It has worked well for them to be inclusive but unfortunately there are no guarantees. They are continuing their path to recovery and continue to use an inclusive and integrated approach. I would like to suggest that it is not necessarily an “either/or” question, but a question of balance between all of these treatments. It is my opinion and intuition that these treatments are not mutually exclusive.

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