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Joshua Tree national park, california

December 13, 2010

Joshua trees

December 12, 2010

The Joshua tree national park of southern California, the trees only grow half an inch per  year in the dry desert condition, so these trees are 5,6 hundred years old.

Feeling right at home as seeing old friends, I transformed myself and lap lam (standing forest) amongst them.

南加州 Joshua tree national park 約書亞樹國家公園, 位處沙漠, 每年只增生半英吋, 此些樹已有五六百年樹齡, 我如見故人, 即物化林立其中.


tree hug 抱樹

December 12, 2010

我每到一處, 總要擁抱當地的千年巨木, 吸取其曰月精華, 因 心存感激, 引起氣韻神動, 有圖為証

Everywhere I go, I like to hug and make friends with the local trees, and absorb their thousand years old energy  with great appreciation, this sometimes caused good chi vibrations as shown in this photo.

羅漢玩虎 Loahan playing with the tiger

December 12, 2010


而西方宗教, 文学, 芸ボ,常以善與惡,生與死,上帝與摩鬼對立的两元論, 作永無休止的鬥爭,永遠不能與大自然和諧合一.



知其白, 守其黑. 負其陰,抱其陽…老子

執其一端為異端, 執其兩端為聖人…程灝

一即一切, 一切即一…彿.


我視我的癌瘤如老虎, 很想與它和諧相處, 可惜道行不足, 常被它咬傷.



loahan—a highly spiritual person, monk.

Tiger—the wild, animal nature in all of us.

Usually loahan was depicted sitting on top or taking a nap with the tiger, showing he had tamed his animal nature.

This Loahan not only tamed it, but has become it’s friend and playing together in harmony , he has become one with nature, no more dualistic good and bad struggles.

I see my cancer as the tiger and would have love to play with him, in harmony, but unfortunately I am not that enlightened, and end up bitten by him often times.



Western art, religion and literature all have a lot to do with the struggling of the good and bad, right and wrong.

The Chinese has transcended this dualistic struggle long ago;

Know the white , keep the black. Embrace the yang, carry the ying…Tao De Ching.

Holding to one view is an extremist, holding to both views is a saint…Confucian.

One is all, all is one…Buddha.

That’s why In the last two thousand years, Jews, Buddhist, Christians, Taoist, Muslims all have settled and coexisted peacefully in China.