Jesus’s forgiveness and Buddha’s compassion. 基督的寬恕與佛學的慈 悲.

Christ’s love & forgiveness is universal & unconditional;

On the cross, Christ forgave the two other criminals though one was repentant and one was not, he also forgave all sinners of the world saying; forgive them father, for they don’t know what they are doing.

From the Buddhist’s point of view, forgiveness is not the ultimate solution, because when you forgive someone, it means you are right and the other is wrong, and also implies that I know and you don’t, this is a dualist point of view and is egotistic and self centered.

And since most religions, political parties and philosophies all think they are the one with the only truth, there  has been no end of conflicts  among all these different groups.

Buddhist’s compassion 慈 悲 view is 苦 海慈航, 同悲共渡, that means we are all sailing on the same ocean of suffering and must help each other to cross over to the other shore of enlightenment.

This is an one is all and all is one all inclusive approach, there is no right and wrong, nothing to forgive and to be forgiven, it’s an nondiscriminate, non dualistic, non egotistic and unself-centered view.

For me compassion is better than forgiveness.

Lap Lam

Who’s more humble?

Jesus…I am the road, truth & life…

Buddha…I am the dried cow dung… (there are cow dungs everywhere in India)

基督的寬恕與佛學的慈 悲.

從基督教 義看, 寬恕應是無條件,  用討價還價的—–耶穌在十 字架上同時寬恕了懺悔与不懺悔的兩個囚犯,  要上帝寬恕所有的罪人, :  他們不知他們在做什麼.

 但從佛 ,  恕並不是終究的境界. 因有寬恕即有對錯,  錯我對的兩元對立, 我知, 他人無知所以我要寬恕他們自我中心,  執心. 而世上大部份的宗教,政治與哲學派系,都認為自己的一套才是唯一真理,所以世上紛爭不斷.

 佛學的慈 悲心是;  海慈航, 同悲共渡. 是無分你我, 彼此, 對錯, 是物我同一, 一即一切, 不生分別心,沒有我執及自我中心的.




耶穌; 我是道路, 真理,生命….

佛: 我是干屎橛,  (印度到處都是牛屎)



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