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Lap Lam

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Stand Firm – 2006 (5)
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Axis: What is your artwork about (underlying concept, focus, themes, intent, etc)? What informs your artwork or what are your influences?
LAP: As a human being or artist, life must have some meaning and purpose. My art work reflects my different journeys of this search. The “everyday is a good day”series reflects my Zen Buddhist influence. The “know the white, keep the black” series is my Taoist view of democracy and attempt to find some balance in the daily life. The “stand firm” series is my Confucius stand on not giving in to spiritual corruptions. I would also like to put the Forgiveness spirit of Christianity in my art work someday.

Axis: What matters to you most about the work that you do?
LAP: I think too many modern artist’s works depict the chaotic and depressive reality of the superficial world. To me, art should touch on the deeper level of our souls and bring joy and a up lifting element to the human condition.

Axis: Is there a trigger or a starting point for each piece?
LAP: I find that I cannot start painting if I don’t have a concept or idea that I want to express. once I have an idea that I feel I need to express, there is a strong urge for me to start painting.

Axis: How has your work evolved over the last five years? What is currently the central motivation for or conceptual concern in your work?
LAP: For the last five years, I have been working on the idea inspired by Shih Tao’s poem “stand firm in the sea of ink, shine steady in the darkness…..” please refer to my website for more details. I find that there are numerous ways to express this theme and can easily work on it for another five years.

Axis: How does your physical/geographical environment inform the work you do?
LAP: My Chinese background has strongly influence my work. The cultural and pratical daily life differences forced me to constantly try to find a balance and harmony of the east and west.

Axis: What mediums, techniques, or processes are involved in your art making (and why these)?
LAP: I incorporate my training and utilize the varies materials as a potter, Chinese calligrapher and painter in my art.

Axis: What are your other passions in life and how have these influenced your work?
LAP; am quite involved in the human rights and democratic movement of China. I think my art work reflects my concern.

Axis: Why are you an artist?
LAP: Everyone has a different purpose for their life. For me, being an artist allows me to express some of the points that are important to me. I hope it can also bring a positive and up lifting inspiration to the others as we struggle through our daily life.


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