Jordan has many biblical sites,

When Moses lead the Jews out of Egypt, they crossed the Sinai desert, but was punished to wander around for forty years because of their unfaithfulness to god, luckily Moses was able to find water by touching the stone with his cane, passing through Jordan, they finally reached Israel.

Pic.1—Moses’s spring, water still flowing.

Pic.2—Dead sea, Lot’s wife turned into salt pillar for looking back at Sodom.

Pic.3—John the forerunner baptized Jesus here, 3 temples were built here over 2000 years, but only the foundations are left, River Jordan also changed it’s course .

Pic.4—20 feet of River Jordan separated Jordan and Israel.

Pic.5—Mt. Nabo, Moses’s resting place.

Pic.6—more people getting baptized on the Israel side then the Jordan side.


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