a few questions

1..Jesus, the only son of god
In the New Testament, Jesus was worshiped as the only son of god sent to earth to wash away our sin, but in the Old Testament one cannot find one verse or phrase saying god is going to send his only son to earth as our savior.
Therefore the Jews were right and had good reason to reject Jesus and refused to accept him as the savior.

No matter in the old or New Testament, there is not one verse or phrase describing the formation of Trinity, Trinity was made up by the later preaches to explain the position of Jesus as a holy member, but there has never been a final definition of Trinity as different denominations argue about it over 1500 years, and groups like The Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons and Christian scientologist have outright refuse to recognize the doctrine of Trinity.

3..Origin of the Bible
As a nation, Jews are a late comer in the middle East, before them were the Mesopotamia, Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian and Egyptian civilizations. Ideas of the creation, the great flood, parting of the Red Sea, virgin birth and resurrection etc. were all borrowed from the different cultures. The ancient scrolls,murals and carvings can testify to this.

4..contradicting teachings
On the cross, Jesus forgave all who put him to death by saying” forgive them lord, because they don’t know what they are doing”, his unconditional love and forgiving spirit has won him numerous followers.
But the Old Testament clearly stated that only those who made sincere repentance will be forgiven by god, so there is pre-condition for forgiveness, contrary to Jesus unconditional forgiveness.
The Lord’s prayer says ..thy kingdom come, thy will be done , on earth as in haven. We are supposed to practice the spiritual life with our daily living.
But Jesus taught us ..God to God, Cesar to Cesar, to separate spiritual life from our daily life. Another contradiction.

5..good conscience
If an African tribe worshiped someone who killed tens of thousands of children as their leader, we will for sure condemn them as barbaric, cruel and uncivilized.
God did exactly the same in Exodus chapter 12, 29-30, yet Christians worship him as a just, kind and loving god, isn’t that ironic, I find that hard to accept in good conscience.


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