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August 31, 2014

Dear friends
Thank you very much for your concern about my health.

3 weeks ago CTScan showed that my tumors are growing and spreading, although the size are quite small, it’s a yellow alert, so the doctor decided to change my chemo pill to Everolimus, side effects include fatigue and weakness, nose bleed, mouth & tongue sores, loss of taste and appetite, diarrhea, nausea, cough,muscle pain and skin rash etc.

There is also fluid in my left lung affecting my breathing, even speaking takes a big effort, I have 3 litters of fluid drained in 3 weeks.
I also have a lingering cough from a bad cold 3 months ago, each time I cough is like a heavy duty exercise for the lung, it made me completely out of breath as someone is sitting on my chest and I am ready to pass out, it caused me to vomit a few times which made it even harder to breath and I was completely exhausted.

Everolimus should also help cure the lung fluid, but with it’s side effects and my lung fluid, my doctor decided to stop the Everolimus for a week to let my body have a rest to gain back some strength.
It looks like I might have to install a valve on my chest to drain the fluid daily.
Hopefully Everolimus will take care of both problems soon.

Buddhist believe adversity are the stepping stones to enlightenment,
Since I got cancer 4 years ago, I told myself I am going to enjoy my suffering, being completely out of breath and fatigue are unique experience not everyone can have.
So I will happily fight on.
Again thank you and best to you all.
1 sept. 2014



August 4, 2014

Tom 先生
我認為沒有宗教信仰, 恰是中国人的可貴高尚處, 儒家追求..養浩然正氣, 光輝昭日月. 為了義,寧可剎身成仁, 不可以身害仁. 這比帶有私利(信者上天堂不信下地獄)的宗教信仰有更高迢的精神層次.
人類由迷信宗教, 到掉棄宗教迷信, 進而追求人道, 仁, 義, 天下大同是人類文明進化的過程. 這方面中囯人為先行者, 是儒家的實是求是智慧.
可是腐化了的儒教亦衍生了你所陳列的种种敗象, 所以我常呼吁儒学必須革新, 去蕪存菁.