Loahan playing with the tiger. 羅漢玩虎

loahan—a highly spiritual person, monk.

Tiger—the wild,animal nature in all of us.

Usually loahan was depicted sitting on top or taking a nap with the tiger, showing he had tamed his animal nature.

This Loahan not only tamed it, but has become it’s friend and playing together in harmony , he has become one with nature, no more dualistic good and bad struggles.

I see my cancer as the tiger and would have love to play with him, but unfortunately I am not that enlightened and end up often bitten by the tiger.


虎, 代表人之獸性, 一般的羅漢像是坐在虎旁, 或與老虎一起睡大覺,說明自已的獸性已被馴服.

但這个羅漢玩虎不但已收服獸性,更與它成了好朋友,和諧相處,人與自然合而為一, 不分彼此,一即一切.

而西方宗教, 文学, 芸ボ,則常以善與惡,生與死,上帝與摩鬼對立的两元論, 作永無休止的鬥爭,永遠不能與大自然和諧合一.
知其白, 守其黑. 負其陰,抱其陽…老子
執其一端為異端, 執其兩端為聖人…程灝
一即一切, 一切即一…彿.
我視我的癌瘤如老虎, 很想與它和諧相處, 可惜因道行不足, 常被它咬傷.



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