Most Embarrassing moment…losing my pants in the mall.

Last Thursday, I went to Chinatown to remit some fund to a democracy fighter in China.
As I walked into the mall, I carried the oxygen machine in my right hand and a pouch of cash in my left hand.
I had lost a lot of weight recently, despite of me tightening my belt to the last notch, after a few steps, my pants suddenly slipped right down to my ankles, I was so embarrassed I dropped every thing in both hand to pull up my pants, the cash in the envelope burst out on the floor so I had to hold up my pants with one hand and gathered up the cash with another.

Anyone suffering lung fluid knows that one must avoid sudden movements at all cost, sitting down or getting up must be done slowly to keep fluid in balance otherwise will induce heavy coughing.
My sudden bending down and getting up a few times was like setting off a bomb in my lung, I felt dizzy and darkness, and almost fell to the ground, I held on to my last breath and dashed into the remitting shop, I collapsed on the counter and started the most violent coughing, tears rolled down my eyes and nostrils, and I almost passed out.
There was only a young female employee in the shop, she’s so frightened she kept asking if she should call 911, as I cannot speak I gestured with my hand to say no.
After 4,5 minutes I started to calm down and remitted the money.

If someone had snapped a picture of me with my pants down in the mall and upload it onto the net, it would be the end of my dignity and only Hari Kari will protect my honor.
Thus is the most embarrassing moment of my life……losing my pants in the mall.

(later that afternoon , xray showed that my lung is also ozzing blood, no wonder I felt so lousy)


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