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god bless you

November 4, 2014

re; god bless you and Jesus love you.
I am anti-god for his dictatorship and cruelty, therefore I will not accept any blessing from him.
Jesus love you
I like Jesus, Buddha,Lao Tze and Socrates etc. wise men, I have learned and benefited from them, but I don’t need them to love me, because I know how to love myself, and don’t rely on any external help.
Thank you kindly for your good will.
lap lam



November 4, 2014

我認為上帝是專制邪惡之始祖, 所以請勿以它祝福我.
我喜歡耶稣, 亦喜歡彿, 老子, 蘇格拉底等哲人,我学習並得益於他门,但也不須要他门來愛我, 我会照顧好自己, 不須依賴外力.


November 1, 2014

我有一回教徒朋友, 堅持只有回教才能救世, 但其他宗教徒 是不会同意的, 所以聖戰已進行了一千三百多年.
道家: 知其白, 守其黑. 負其陰, 抱其陽.
儒家: 執其一端為異端, 執其兩端為聖人.
不知生, 焉知死.
知之謂知之, 不知謂不知, 是知也.
佛家: 一即一切, 一切即一.


religious conflicts

November 1, 2014

My Muslim friend insists Islam is the only solution for this chaotic world, of course the other religious followers would not agree to that, that’s why the holy war has been going on for more than 1300 years.
Is there a way out of this??

Taoism: know the white, keep the black.
Embrace the yan, carry the yin.
Nature dislikes a lone winner.

Confucian: if you don’t understand life, how can you understand death?
(religious people put more importance to after life than life itself)
If you know, you know. If you don’t know, you don’t know. That is knowing.
(too many religious believers pretend to know when they really don’t know.)
Holding on to one view is called an extremist, holding on to both views is called a saint.

Buddhism: one is all, all is one
(when you transcend the superficial differences, we are all the same.)

that’s why in China, jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist etc. have been co existing peacefully for 2000 years.