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January 2, 2015

儒, 釋, 道是中国文化的三大支柱.

基督, 科学, 民主是西方文化的三大支柱.

如果基督, 民主是同一樣東西, 為何要分開來講呢??

上帝極專制, 又選猶太人為唯一選民. 人人並不平等, 那來民主可言?

耶穌的愛與寬恕是道德層面的事, 與政治民主無關.


Involuntary enlightenment

January 2, 2015

Most of the world’s religions all have the traditions of self- deprivation and physical torture in order to achieve a higher level of spirituality.

Hindu Sahues deployed all kinds of strange self- tortures, Catholic priests sleep on beds made of rough tree branches, Buddhist monks lock themselves up for years , Muslims whipped themselves till all bloody, all for the same purpose of seeking spiritual enlightenment.

<Transfer the flesh and change the bones> is a Chinese saying describing the necessary process to enlightenment.

Chemo has the ability to do just that, it lowers down your white blood cells in your bone marrow, slow down the mitosis, upsets the hormone and lymphnodes secretions, causing all kinds of problem such as bleeding nose and mouth, skin peel, bleeding scalp, upset stomach, loss of appetite, frequent throw ups, diarrhea , constipation, and insomnia etc. endless tasks for you to deal with.

Since I learnt that I got cancer , I told myself instead of getting upset and angry about it, I might as well learn to enjoy it.

But enjoying the chemo sufferings is easier said than done, anyhow, after 4 and a half years I have involuntary <Transfer the flesh and change the bones> and become enlightened, I have become very peaceful with myself and

lost any desire to get angry at anything, I have only love and no hate in me, a little flower or grass can bring me lots of joy. At the same time I become very impatient with nonsense stuff, if someone is talking nonsense I will come right out to tell him to stop, because life is too precious to be wasted in follies.


Photos; Irish priests hermitages.



January 2, 2015


附圖; 愛爾蘭修道士隱居处.

世界上各大宗教, 都有自我虐待身体, 勞其根骨, 餓其体膚,以達到精神的昇華, 脫胎換骨,得道成仙的傳統.
印度苦行僧以各式怪行虐待自已,天主教神父睡在粗樹枝造的床, 佛教和尚閉關辟谷, 回教信徙把自已鞭打致血淋淋等等, 目的如一.

化療能令人体內外翻驣, 降低骨髓里的白血球, 破壞新陳代謝功能, 搞亂內分泌, 鼻孔口腔出血, 吃飯飲水困難, 反胃嘔吐, 大便出血,失禁,皮膚大片脫落滲血, 各种奇難雜症, 花樣百出, 令人難以應付, 很易導致情緒低落.所以說化療能令人脫胎換骨, 並不為過.
我一早就告訢自已, 癌症既找上门, 以其怨天尤人, 不如欣然接受, 亨受化療帶來的痛苦, 作為對自已的磨練.
我經過四年半的化療, 可算身經百般磨難, 已到了处变不驚, 不動如山的境界, 非自動地得道成仙.
我現在的心境十分平靜, 什麼事都不能使我生氣, 心中只有愛, 沒有恨. 對一花一草都有丰厚的感情.但同時對一些無聊荒謬之事亦失去耐性, 如發覺某人明顯在亂侃胡扯, 我会直斥其非, 要他不要浪費光陰生命.